Love Wins Over Hate

Release date: October 2020 (American Public Television.)
Produced and Directed by Susan Polis Schutz. Edited by David Emrich.


Love Wins Over Hate

This documentary explores the lives of six former white supremacists and ultraconservatives. Each one of them explains how they went through a transformation from being filled with hate, anger, and rage to acceptance and appreciation of diversity. And they all have gone on to teach many other people to love rather than hate. They talk honestly and openly about their former beliefs, the pain they have inflicted on others and their fight for a better world devoid of hate. "We basically thought that we would be agents in the breakdown of society, and that we would be fighting to build this Aryan white state," explains a former Neo-Nazi, Shannon Foley Martinez, who was recruited when she was fifteen years old. "It's always been there. We just have torn the mask off. We've taken the hoods off so to speak. And we live in a time where we're deeply entrenched in polarization." Shannon, now a mother and mentor, provides a solution, "I believe that connection is the antidote to hate. It's really hard to actually connect with somebody, to sit in a room, have a conversation, and share with them and continue to hate them. Once we're connected my hate melts away." The film includes interviews with a professor and individuals who have been the brunt of hatred revealing the senseless pain and damage done to them and wider communities. We also see instances of reconciliation of the victims with the perpetrators. Today, prejudice and hate crimes are more prevalent than ever, but so is love. This film is inspirational, because it demonstrates how people can change from a state of hatred and violence to empathy. During a rally by a Sikh and a former white supremacist about the importance of accepting diversity, Arno Michealis says, "If we are going to combat hate and violence you can't do it with more hate and violence. You need to do it with Love and that is the way Love Wins.

Director and Producer Susan Polis Schutz
Editor David Emrich
Associate Producer Jillian Frost
Consultant Stephen Schutz
Director of Photography Steven Skinner
Music Written by Caspian J. Polaris

Featuring (in Order of Appearance):
Arno Michaelis
Christian Picciolini
Shannon Foley Martinez
Timothy Zaal
Timothy Kurek
Chris Buckley
Dr Vickie M Mays
Nadeen Ibrahim
Nicole Garcia
Leslie Herod
Susan Polis Schutz
Dr Edith Eger
Matthew Boger
Pardeep Singh Kaleka

Special thanks:
David Emrich
Jillian Frost
Stephen Schutz
Jean Hodges
Music Recorded at Sprague Land Studio
Music Engineered by Peter Sprague
Piano by Danny Green

Aron Brown
Darren Kawasaki
Rich Lerner
Steve Skinner

Daniel Agustin- Audio
Nick Bozzio - Mixer
Glenn Kram- Audio
Drew Levinson – Audio
Colorist Rick Gouglar

Sound Re-Recording Mixer Jake Reuter

Assistant Producer Bryan Saunders

Thanks to:
Jordanna Polis Schutz
Moshe Novakoff
Jared Schutz Polis
Marlon Reis
Dr Edith Eger
Myrna Estes
Jorian Polis Schutz
Hillary Buxton
Jaime Moeller
Harry Melkonian
Lauren Mills
Tom Karlo
John Decker
Jill Linder
Jay Grodin
Dr Heval Kelli
Patrice O’Neill
Karen Bidgood

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Addt’l Photography:
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