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"Susan is able to tell this story like no other director. Engaging, personal and hopeful all at once."
     --John Decker, KPBS Director of Programming

An honest film showing what anxiety is like, giving hope to anxious people that they can feel better. Forty million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. In this revealing film a dozen people from diverse backgrounds describe how they have struggled with anxiety. Their symptoms cover a wide range from excessive worry, uneasiness and fear, to more extreme symptoms such as compulsive behavior, post-traumatic stress syndrome, phobias, and torturous panic attacks. The film takes you on the crippling ride people with anxiety go on every day. These people are stunted by the fear of what would happen if ... instead of living life. The film explores the unpublicized fact that anxiety is the most treatable form of mental illness. The real-life stories of the people demonstrate how they were able to get on the path to recovery via various therapies. Released 2017 (57 minutes).

Diligent efforts have been made to assure that credits have been appropriately given. Any error or omission has been inadvertent.
Directed and Produced by Susan Polis Schutz
Edited by Bret Granato
Associate Producer Karen Bidgood
Opening audio by Torre Catalano for The Mighty
Creative and technical consultant: Stephen Schutz

Featuring (in order of appearance)
Danielle Laudisio
Scott Stossel
Lori Daniels
Sandra Daniels
Terri A. Jury, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), U.S. Army
June C. Moss Jr., Ret. Army Staff Sergeant
Michelene Marie Wasil, LMFT
Jamie Blyth
Jim Hatton, Ph.D.
San Diego Mid County OCD Support Group
Stephen Martin

Featured YouTube spotlights:
Matt Bieber
Bradlee Wannemacher
YouTube acknowledgements: Google Inc.

Opening video
Susan Polis Schutz
Manny Miranda

Anxiety Support Group
Jim Hatton, Ph.D. Rachael Hatton, MFT Erica Benedetti Hillary Benedetti Fela Byrd Daniel E. Falla Judy Frye Beverly Kanter Michiko Lindsey Monte Marshall Paula Nuessle Miriam Plotkin Adriana Sanchez Shannon Switzer Olivia Vugrin

Editorial Consultants
Myrna Estes
Jared Polis
Marlon Reis
Jordanna Polis Schutz
Jorian Polis Schutz
Chris Sheridan

Additional Editor: Mollie Goldstein

Steve Skinner (special thanks)
Rob Amato
Aron Brown
Scott Compton
Matt Geraci
Darren Kawasaki
Patrick O'Donnell
Mario Porporino
Steve Raines
Aaron Rubenstein
Larry Warner

Gary Black
Nick Bozzio
Jeff Cubbison
John Hillman
Glenn Kram
Paul Mendez
John ("Jack") P. T. Morris
Willie OBryan
Gustave Roccaforte
Colorist: High Definition Services
Different by Design

Additional Appreciation
Mollie Goldstein, editor
John Decker
Jill Linder
Nimmi Singh
Nancy Trent
Pam Wadler
Jim Hatton, Ph.D.
Angelica Catalano
Michael Hill-Jackson
KMGLife Inc.
Donna M. Kuhn
Cornelia M. Martin
Lindsay Martin
Damian Mcgee
Harry Melkonian
San Diego County Library System, Encinitas Library
Alan Sanderson
Tahlia Grace Schilf
Bob Shroder
Julie Sjodin
Margo Skinner
VA Palo Alto Health Care System
Vicki VanderZwart
Jill Woo
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Archival Images and Footage Courtesy of:
ABC News Videosource
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Jamie Blyth: Fear is No Longer My Reality
Matt Bieber: Life in the Loop: Essays on OCD
Scott Stossel: My Age of Anxiety

Schubert, Franz.: 6 Moments Musicaux, D 780, Op. 94, No. 3 in F Minor, Allegro Moderato Artist: OnClassical, Album: Piano Favourites, Publisher: Jamendo Licensing, Music courtesy of APM Music

Recommended organizations for further support:
Anxiety and Depression Association of America
Resources to Recover
U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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